Building a bridge between vendor and Market place

Our Products are our Pride

Digintel has developed various e-commerce products and working on some new ones as well. We help Online sellers to optimize their profit generation capacity and give boost to their selling prowess.

Our Platforms to ensure your Success


Track Triumph

An Intelligent system developed to monitor multiple vendor management for small to Mid level Online sellers. Removing the Human factor, this agile application enable a company to enlarge its inventory while increasing the efficiency of their operations.


Medici (Code Name)

An Under-development e-commerce platform that plans to take Online selling to the next level. With features and modules that tend to make the online shopping experience more like a real life experience. Medici is intended to set a new benchmark in Client retention and revenue generation.

Digintel products are packed with functions that streamline your sales pipeline

Account Management

Handle your Online seller account with Much more control and efficiency.

Full Control

Enjoy impressive Command over your Seller Account from your customised selling portal. Sell Higher by the right amount of control.

Flawless Integration

All the e-commerce applications are perfectly integrated to handle your account. From Orders to inventory, all the bases are completely covered.

Smart system

Build up your product portfolio with an application that reduces the need for Manual handling.

Virtual Marketplace

An impeccable platform that makes Online Selling as easy as Online Shopping. Elegant and sophisticated yet easily operated.

Product Management

Manage products according to stock availability.

Manage Inventory

Organize your stocks like never before. Maintain stock records and sync them with your Online Store for automatic updating.

In-built Search Features

Large stock sellers can easily search a single product from a heap of items. Only a few clicks and full product information is available.

Stock Analysis

Powerful tools to study the available stocks and selling patterns of different products. Polish your USP based on this analytical data.

Unified Stock of Items

Keep in check that your Product Descriptions match perfectly with your current product stock.

Vendor Management

Perfectly manage all your vendor products and maintain a comprehensive product inventory.

Multiple Vendors

Try out new vendors to keep your Online Selling venture competitive and cost effective.

Product List

Maintain entire product list from all your vendors with appropriate Product descriptions to view full range of products.

Adhere to Brand Policies

Sell the products by following the guidelines put forward by a particular brand to avoid any complications.

Automatic Stock Updates

A system generated update to sync your product inventory with that of your vendors.

Order Management

Earn maximum profits and provide top most customer satisfaction.

Robust Updating

Receive Order details in your system from your seller account in least possible time. Allows an Online store with 24/7 availability.

Minimal Human Interference

Real time Order automation with least possible Human Error. Minor details to be handled manually, rest of the process is controlled by the system.

Optimized for Multi-Vendor

Highly adjustable for a Seller Account with multiple vendor options. Preferred vendor can be selected manually.

Comprehensive Management

Entire Order database can be handled with ease. Efficient tracking of orders. Multiple columns exhibit crucial Order information.

Customer Support

Robust Client service with Quicker response time to client queries, complaints and follow ups.

Role Assigning

Polish performance of your Customer Support Reps by assigning cases. Limit the number of clients that each Rep has to handle.

Real Time Communication

Modules allowing your CS department to communicate with the client from same CS platform.


Quicker response time with pre-designed templates for client queries, complaints and order information.

Effective Support for Customers

Individual orders showcased by fulfilling minimal fields and clicking on fewer options.

Financial Management

Automatic price updating coupled with invoicing and integration for multiple payment gateways.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Greater options to receive money from your clients.Transactions are made easier with greater control.

Invoices that make sense

Elaborate yet comprehensive invoice options available. Full order information with a display that is easy on eyes.


Smart pricing features to incorporate your profit margin alongside the commission deducted by the Online Platform.

Efficient Selling Made Possible

Through real time updating of product prices and comparison with price of other sellers, make calculated and informed decisions.

Shipping Management

Manage your Shipping arrangements without being worried about the turnaround time.

Status Updates

Get instant updates about the status of shipped products. Programmed to notify about any issues in real time.

Information as You Need it

All the required information is visible to your Shipping Managers whether it is the SKU number, Order ID or Address of destination.

Compatible for All Carriers

Spread your Wings and ship your products through any of the major shipping carriers. We Have got your Back.

Marketplace is not a worry

Shipping Application adapts to all major ecommerce platforms and bodes well even if you are working on more than one Online platform.